When most people say ‘I would love to lose X amount of weight’ – What they really mean is ‘I would love to look a certain way’. or ‘I would love to get rid of X amount of fat from these areas’

If your first thought is ‘aren’t they the same thing’ – Not really

Your weight is the total effect that gravity has on ‘you’ That includes everything from your skin, organs, bones, muscle, fat, the 70% of you that is water and even a little bit of what you had for breakfast the day before.

This IS NOT the best tool to measure how much un-wanted fat you have.

Muscle doesn’t weigh ‘more’ than fat, but it is more dense which means it takes up less space.

Fat is the opposite so it takes up more space, which is usually the thing you want to change.



Here at BTF we know a few things really help you to burn body-fat quickly, more than anything else:

Getting stronger – if you have more muscle to feed, you will burn more energy each day and this will help to burn up body fat.

Getting fitter – If you’re able to push yourself further and further, again you’ll be able to burn more energy and keep burning bodyfat

Getting healthier – If you’re sleeping well and looking after yourself, you will be able to train harder, process food better and all round feel better!

In the process of doing these things, your body will synthesize new muscle, which is dense and has ‘weight’, but takes up little space and is very important for us to feel strong, fit and healthy and to look GOOD.


This is going to happen more so when you’re in the ‘intermediate’ phase of training – When you’ve already done a bit of training and made those first adaptions. After this point you may build muscle at the same level as you are burning bodyfat.



Let’s finish up with a real life example:

If you weigh 80kg and work out that you are 40% bodyfat – Then 6 weeks later you are 79kg…but work out that you are 35% bodyfat….

At the start, you had 32kg of fat mass (40% of 80kg) – and 6 weeks later you had 27.5kg of fat mass (35% of 79kg)  – So in 6 weeks you DIDN’T lose 1kg – you lost 4 1/2 KILOS of body fat!



All in all, you may lose weight on the scales, you may not, it can be a good tool to show progress but on it’s own it is NOT the best tool to measure body-changing progress. Use it along with the other measurements we’re taking and you will be able to much more accurately see how your body is changing 🙂