Tough Mudder CHEAT SHEET 2017!

This is it everyone, we’re one week away from the biggest challenge some of you will have taken on EVER! And that means we’re one week away from the best feeling you will have ever experienced by taking on a challenge like this!

 Tough Mudder 2017 is just around the corner, and here is the cheat sheet to make sure you are fully prepared for the day, let’s do this!

Times: Start Time – 11.15am

Meet time – Between 10.00-10.30am inside of the registration tent (keep an eye out for BTF T-shirts!)

Parking and registering can take up to 30-40 mins if there are queues. Then once we’re in it give us time for photo’s, trips to the loo and dropping off bags.

Clothing and footwear: To run in…You will be getting wet, so LIGHTWEIGHT clothing with wicking technology, that draws the water away from the skin, can keep you dryer, therefore warmer and lighter! These are your ‘base layers’, makes like under armour and sondico are great and fairly cheap for this.

From us and most people that we’ve gotten around the course, Gloves or Hats aren’t recommended for this, mud get’s into EVERYWHERE during a tough mudder, it’ll irritate and actually make your hands wetter, with not much benefit for grip.

Trainers; If you have already got a pair, Trail running shoes can give some pretty good grip through the mud, BUT they’re not essential and they still get packed with mud in the first mile, if you’ve got trainers with at least a bit of grip on the bottom and more importantly are comfortable to run in, you’ll be OK.

Socks that cover your ankles will help give you a tiny bit more support and they can protect your ankles from scrapes and knocks from obstacles as we go round.



After the Race…Bring a complete change of clothes and a towel to change into straight after the race, this gets you warm and dry (not clean…) the quickest way possible. You’ll want a waterproof bag to keep your race clothes in too.


Nutrition/Hydration: ‘Carb up’ a little the day before, 2 portions of starchy carbs and plenty of fruit should load you up. On the morning of Tough Mudder, Porridge and bananas/berries along with some nuts will set you up well. If you’ve not used ‘energy gels’ or sports drinks before – Don’t worry about them, they could cause you more harm than they’re worth

You get to have whatever ‘Carbed-up’ meal you want after the run too, you’ll have earned it! 🙂

For Hydration, start 24 hours before the start time, aim to drink 2.5/3 litres. Sip up to 1 litre before the start of the race. There will be water stops around the course but they won’t save you if you’re already slightly into dehydration, I’ve been there feeling a tonne more sluggish because I hadn’t had enough to drink.

Training: A good general guideline would be around 48 hours of complete rest before the run, and make the last sessions you do fairly gentle to keep your legs fresh!


TEAMWORK: There are some obstacles that are meant to be taken on solo in Tough Mudder, but the Majority of them are very hard or impossible to do alone, you need to tackle them as a team to get everyone over/under/through whatever is thrown at you. Tough mudder is about how you get your whole team across the finish line, not how you get yourself across it, help everyone around you in any way you can. Even complete strangers will let you climb over them if it’s what needs to be done to get you around the course, that’s what makes the event what it is!

If you can’t Run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving forwards!

Let’s do this team,

Strength and Honour!