The Nutrition re-Ignition!

We’ve all been there – You’re really getting stuck into your training, you’ve been hitting your nutrition well and it feels like you’ve got this in the bag. But then something then comes up and it throws a spanner in the works; You get injured, you go on holiday and let loose, work demands more of your time etc. You end up losing your flow, feeling a bit lost and then really struggling to find your feet again. This is when old habits creep back in and you’re not sure how you ever got loose of them in the first place.


With that out in the open, I’ve got two GREAT bits of news for you…

  1. This happens to EVERYONE (coaches very much included)
  2. And because it happens to everyone, you’ve got a lot of people that will back you up and help you out


This blog is going to focus on how to get your nutrition back on track when you’re feeling like this, step-by-step. And address a couple of common misconceptions while we’re at it.


Step 1. Don’t assume you can start exactly where you left off

I want to start with this point; you won’t be able to just jump back in where you last left off. Don’t put yourself down because you can’t go back straight into the stage when you were ‘on it’.

Good nutrition, and habits in general, are a process built up with momentum. If things have slipped and you’ve fallen out of your daily habits, and you then try to add ALL of these activities back into your routine straight away, all at once – you will REALLY struggle. The best way to make these habits stick again is to build them back up, at a rate you can maintain. It may feel slower, but you’re trying to make them stick, which is the ultimate goal 😊

Since we’re calling this the re-ignition, let’s think of your nutrition as a camp fire – when you first build the fire, you don’t just throw 50 logs on and throw a single spark on it, the fire won’t burn up. You need to start with some small embers, light that to some kindling and THEN SLOWLY add your logs so that you don’t suffocate the fire. If you’ve lost your momentum it’s the exact same, look after the embers and slowly build the fire back up again.

That’s what I want this blog to help you do!


Step 2. Track what you eat

This is one of the first habits that will drop from your routine, because when our nutrition isn’t looking good, of course we don’t want to see it. BUT, you can’t fight the enemy that you can’t see. This doesn’t mean tracking everything to the exact letter, but this is the first step because you HAVE to have an idea of your eating patterns before you can figure out how to change them.

You can literally start by taking a picture of EVERY item that you eat and saving it to a folder on your phone. It’ll take 5 seconds and at the end of the week you will have a fantastic resource to use without having to write down a single thing. The more you can record the better, but if it’s overwhelming, start here, no excuses 😊
This is your ultimate power to start creating change again.


Step 3. Work your way up the ‘levels’

You now need to decide which stage of the process you can start back at.

Be honest. Don’t try to skip ahead

If you’re struggling to eat veggies at each meal right now, then trying to work out your macronutrient percentage goals is going to be adding too much to your plate (excuse the pun). It’s not uncommon to slip straight back into very old habits that were previously really engrained. You might literally have to start from the bottom back up, but the good news is that you will pick them up LOADS quicker than before – You’ve already done it!

Below are the different stages (simplified) that we coach to develop good nutrition, and this is how you should think of it…  You don’t move up to the next tier until you’ve become competent in the one you’re on. Don’t think of them as ‘levels’ in the sense that you’re competing to get the highest score, think of them as the foundations of good nutrition. You can’t skip forward and build a roof until you’ve built some strong foundations. Which step do you need to start at?

Clients – If you need to re-cap on the 5 habits or any part of this pyramid, let us know and we can get the resources to you so you can re-run through the content.


Step 4. Set a new goal!

Now that you’ve found what your next steps are, make sure that you TAKE THEM! Make a commitment to yourself and us on which step you’re going to take next and what you want to achieve from it. We’ve seen a tonne of new lifestyle logs in the last month from people that set it as a goal not to miss a week, and they’re starting to see the fruits of just doing that.

Help someone else succeed with their goals and you are a tonne more likely to succeed yourself too, teamwork makes the dreamwork.



OK guys, really hoped this helps and if you did find it useful or want our thoughts on anything else, be sure to let us know! Now let’s get to work, you’ve got this!