Dear Client,

I wanted to connect with you all about both an amendment to the BTF timetable and a change in the names of our programmes happening in the near future.

We always want to keep our sessions fresh and exciting, which means every once in a while we have to go into the ‘lab’ and design new workouts.

We want to integrate some more resistance work, prowler and use of the rig more in the fitness camp programme to freshen it up and keep it progressing as right now we feel we can give you more use of the space / kit we have at BTF in Norwich

To facilitate this and to integrate more equipment we can no longer run as many concurrent sessions with Fit Camp and Barbell sessions happening at the same time.

Basically, we need to adjust the timetable to alternate between fitness camp and barbells in the evenings and doing 2 of each instead of 3 fitness camp sessions.

We’ll be bringing in a 4.10pm session as from the recent client survey conducted in the FB group, we found that most people have flexibility between 4&5pm and the same at 6&7pm.

Below you’ll see the new timetable will look along with some FAQs gleaned from a focus group session prior to making this announcement.

The date for the new timetable and sessions will be 31st July 17.

We’ll continue to run concurrent sessions on Monday & Friday mornings unless we can figure out a way to get 2 sessions in before 7am!

I appreciate that when any timetable changes are made, there will be pros and cons for everyone but we’ve tried to make it as beneficial as we can to all.

I also know that we can give you more specialised coaching and help to improve strength, muscle tone, fat loss and injury prevention through resistance work on the fitness camp programme which this change will allow us to make.

We want to keep the programmes engaging and progressive and the best way we can do this is to bring in new workouts which allow you to get the best use of all of the space we have available and to bring in additional prowlers and to use the rig, plates and dumbbells more on the fitness camp programme.

We really do feel this will further improve your experience, results and give you even more enjoyment from your workouts!

We’ll also be changing the name of the programmes to reflect the

The fitness Camp programme will be renamed “Move”

High Intensity Functional Training geared towards full body movements or combinations of movements, performed for 30-120 seconds followed by a period of rest or active recovery to fire up your metabolism and burn body fat.

The barbell programme will be renamed “Lift”

On the Lift programme we focus on the Big Five Lifts

  • Squat,
  • Deadlift
  • Military Press
  • Bench Press
  • Pull Up

These are supported by some isolation exercises, assistance movements and power endurance work to develop strength, toned muscles and give you a lean, toned and athletic physique.

Lots of thought has gone into how we can make this work to improve the variation of the sessions with as little impact on the current running order as possible so we really do appreciate your support.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Just e-mail us: [email protected] or speak to us after your session.

Thanks for your support as always.

Strength & Honour



Why is the timetable changing?

We’ve identified the need to re-design the programme to keep it engaging and progressive for clients. After much consideration we felt that the very best sessions we could design would need to give us the ability to make use of the full area of the gym and running concurrent sessions (Barbells and Fitness Camp) at the same time did not facilitate this. We want to be able to use the prowlers, dumbbells, ropes, rig and boxing equipment more frequently on fitness camp sessions and changing the timetable so we are not running barbells and fitness camp session allows us to do this.

Why the earlier afternoon session?

After conducting a survey of clients in our Facebook group, this was identified as a popular time. In many cases our clients work and home schedules meant that training earlier in the afternoon was advantageous.

Why is Fitness Camp changing from three, to two sessions in the evening?

We felt that things were a little too spread out in the evenings and it was usually the case that 2 sessions were busy and the other very quiet. Again, after conducting a survey in the Facebook group, we identified that most clients were flexible between 4.10pm and 5.10pm start times and 6.10pm and 7.10pm start times. The new timetable facilitates this.

I’m an early morning regular and find evenings difficult. How can I get my normal 3-4 sessions in per week?

If you are a Wednesday, early morning regular, we’ll give you access to do the Barbell sessions at that time instead for up to 6-months post the timetable change. We’ll be able to identify clients via ZenPlanner who consistently make use of the early am session on a Wednesday and allow you access to book onto the alternate session. We’ll be making some adaptations to the Barbell programme so easy to transition into the session.

Are the prices changing with the timetable change?

There will be no change in pricing for current clients on their respective programmes (Barbells & Fitness Camp) when the timetable change comes into effect. Your membership will continue to run at your current rate as per your agreement.

I love BTF and I can see the reason for the changes, but I’m not sure how I can make the new timetable work with my routine. Come and talk to us.

Will we be able to use more equipment on the Fitness Camp programme?

Yes! One of the main reasons for this change is to allow us to design sessions which allow you to use more of the space and equipment we have available at BTF. This will include prowlers/sleds, ropes, weight plates, dumbbells, boxing kit & the rig which we are excited about and believe it will yield even more enjoyment of sessions, fitness benefits and results!

When will this come into effect?

The new timetable will roll out on 31st July 2017. Zen Planner will be updated accordingly.