We’re coming into the final 4 weeks of the 12 week challenge….the ‘last leg’

So.. What should we do to make these last 4 weeks, the BEST 4 weeks???

Nutritionally – You shouldn’t be changing anything, you’ve all been making INCREDIBLE progress and we made tweaks during your check-ins.

But here’s how to keep a Rock Solid mindset through these four weeks and beyond

1. Write down three things that have changed since the start of this challenge

Before we go forwards, now’s a great time to have a quick look back to where you were 8 weeks ago, what’s changed for the better? We lost a tonne on our check-ins, but what habits have you improved? Are you more motivated right now? Nailing your training?

I know for a fact you’ve all made progress somewhere that you might not have been expecting. Take that as a big motivator for what you can continue to achieve.

2.Set an end date/end goal

Get that final results session booked in – Write it in your diary, make a note on your calendar, put a reminder on your phone.

Make that a really significant point in time to keep you focused. We all work so much better when we have a time frame to stick to. If I told you you had as long as you wanted to complete something, it’d never get done.

Here’s the link: https://www.appointmentcore.com/app/freeslots/8w4zzZ

3. Plan a REWARD for yourself

When you finish a big project, you NEED to give yourself a massive High five!

This keeps you more focused on what’s ahead – If you know how much you’re going to enjoy the reward, it makes the small daily choices much easier.

Don’t just shrug off your achievements and try and move straight into the next thing, you’ll hit burnout and never really feel pumped about your next target, enjoy your victories!

We’re gonna be celebrating with you at the Christmas Ball, let’s ENJOY it! 🙂