In the journey to getting fitter, stronger healthier, and having more energy, improving your mobility is a big factor and something easily over-looked by most. It’s always been something we invest time into with our warm-ups and cool-downs, but recently we took it to the next level to get really focused on what you guys need.


We ran a movement screen to see where the majority of us have the most trouble moving, and set out to improve those with a new direct warm-up.


And we’re proud to say from the results we’ve seen, it’s been full of great results 🙂 We’ve got a selection to show you, and this was just from the people that gave their time to join us for the testing – We’ve been getting comments from people that couldn’t make it to the movement screen who have really felt the difference with various aches and niggles disappearing!


Here are just a few of the improvements:























Not only that, we’ve seen you more stable on your feet with improved balance and co-ordination, check out the video for that here:


 We’re really proud of everyone for having stuck at it – and we’re sure you’ll be noticing the difference day-to-day! And we’re going to continue with it, making a few tweaks as needed!

Strength and Honour!