As a coach, it’s really common to hear phrases like “I know my measurements haven’t changed, but I can tell that I’ve let myself go!”– Maybe something you’ve said yourself in the past? This can lead to a number of negative emotions, maybe even a binge that sends you back three spaces


This is frustrating, because in most cases – It just isn’t true! Even when your measurements are the same, I want to shed light on how easy it is to trick yourself into thinking something has changed for the worse, when in fact, nothing has changed at all. This should get you looking forwards rather than backwards


 Take a look at these two lines, which flat line is longer?

Surprise – They’re both the same!

But your brain is probably still telling you that it thinks the bottom line is longer, even though consciously you might know it’s a trick of the eye, even if you bust out the tape measure and could clearly see they are identical – You would still have that little voice saying “But the bottom one LOOKS bigger!”


There can be a million reasons why at a particular time, your brain is telling you that you ‘look bigger’. Your posture, lighting, clothes, time of day, stress levels can all turn the exact same reflection into something else – sometimes you really have to trust the measurements. If your measurements have changed for the worse, you should be able to track that back through nutrition and lifestyle to what went wrong and, importantly, make the right steps to change it.


But it’s so easy to get two pictures up side by side – In one you could look the best you’ve ever looked. And in the other you could look the complete opposite. And you can do this with pictures taken literally seconds apart.









Your posture (which often turns into a slouch on a ‘bad day’, without you realising it) can immediately give the illusion that you’ve suddenly gone back in progress 6 months.

The takeaway from this is don’t let one bad day kill your mojo, you can’t always trust your eyes. And to keep on pushing forwards! 🙂 If you trust the process and continue to put your all into it, making all the right changes for you, the long term results will happen, despite any ‘off days’ you have along the way.


With the 12 week challenge coming soon, next week will be about taking great “before and after” shots, so that you can give yourself the best view of your transformation, because you will all be making amazing progress, so we need to to show that off! 🙂


Strength and Honour!