To the point time!

The KISS principle is something that came out of the US NAVY in the 1970’s. The idea is that when you’re creating a plan for something, a big focus should be on keeping things SIMPLE and avoiding UNNECESSARY COMPLEXITY. This is such a key to health and wellbeing.

We’ve all made plans that are waaaaay too complicated in the past I’m sure, and they do nothing but STRESS YOU OUT! The more moving parts there are to a plan the more you have to keep up with and the tougher it is to maintain.

Think about it, if I told you ‘You need to eat at exactly 7am, 11am, snack at 4pm and then dinner at 7pm, and you have to eat exactly a certain amount at each meal. Training has to be in-between on Mon/Wed/Fri with no exceptions – It’d be way too much to take in and actually implement!

Whereas if I said ‘Eat 3 good quality meals per day, sticking to whole foods with a source of protein, and train 3x per week’

Which one of those seems more do-able? And which would cause you a tonne LESS stress, leading to better fat burning?

What’s a great sign that something is too complex and could do with being simplified? If you keep forgetting to do some of the things in it. If you’re trying to juggle too many things then you’ll inevitably be forgetting pieces here and there, once you’ve simplified things, you’ll be on top of it all while getting the same end result!

So, what do YOU need to SIMPLIFY! Write down 3 things that you know are way too complicated for you right now and how you’re going to make them easier to manage and less complicated! 🙂