Who want’s to go to Rome on BTF?

Announcing our 12-Week Transformation Challenge starting w/b Monday 11th September and ending w/b 27th November.

Winner announced at the BTF AWARDS evening on 16th Dec 17.

This is a “no flaking” challenge 

If you start it – you finish! All of you will have an event or two in the middle of it. Party’s, Holidays, Work doo’s etc – all of those can be factored in so no excuses.

You will have some days where you’re not quite on plan but that’s not a reason to jack it in an give up. We’re not having any excuses!

Remember, with out level 2 nutrition you have flexibility so if you have a few nights out and a krispy creme doughnut once in a while, it’s all built in.

Tina, who won it last year had some higher calorie days but she was consistently hit her targets around 80% of the time and look what she did! Amazing!

First prize is a weekend for 2 in Rome with flights and 4* hotel and spending money (has to be taken in January 2018)

2nd Prize is a Twilight Spa at Aqua Sana, Elveden.

If your thinking you won’t win then that’s exactly why you need to enter. Fear of not completing it or failing is why you’re not at your goal right now.

Stick with this challenge and you’ll be in the most awesome shape you’ve ever been in for the Christmas Party Season – I guarantee you!

BTF have have partnered up with Sophie from Oyster Travel and we’ll be putting up the prizes.

There will be a £25 entry fee for this one to give you a little more accountability.

This will include a 30 minute start and finish consultation in the first and last weeks of the challenge where we’ll take all your data, calculate your calories and show you how to use our app to track everything.

The entry fees will be split 50/50 with half going to the winner as spending money and the other half will pay for Christmas presents for local, underprivileged children

The challenge isn’t decided solely on weight loss. It’s a combination of the entire transformation. Body composition, consistency, attitude, support to others and fitness improvements.

I’m doing it with you too (but I can’t win)

Who’s in? If you are, drop us an email at [email protected]    – It just has to say “I’m in!”

Strength and Honour