Do You Let The Scales Dictate How Happy You Are?

Do You Let The Scales Dictate How Happy You Are?


Would you look a  female sprinter and say they we’re fat because they weigh 20-30 % more than an average woman?

Would you be disappointed if you dropped a couple of dress sizes, got fitter, stronger, healthier and happier in 12-weeks but did not lose much or any weight on the scales?

Seriously, If you had to choose one or the other which would you pick?

a) To be lighter


b) To be a be leaner

Nothing will transform how you look and feel more than getting past the “how much you weigh” mindset.

Life will only ever be full of disappointment if you let a set scales decide how happy you are allowed to be.

The scales only tell you the force acting down upon them.

Fat, muscle, water – they don’t care because they cannot differentiate.

They are a tool but they are not the authority. If you lost 5 lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle the scales wouldn’t move but your body shape would change dramatically.

Therefore the scales must be used with another unit of measurement.

You cannot measure speed without knowing distance and time. This is exactly the same.

If FAT LOSS, fitness, health, strength, energy and confidence is what you want then we can help you.

But if its only WEIGHT LOSS you want then honestly you are better off joining your local weight loss club.

I’m serious.

They will be a far better fit for your goal than we are because we don’t care how much you weigh.

At a weight loss club somebody who has been on a 2-day weight loss leaders course will will stick you on a low calorie, low nutrient diet and tell you to move more and eat less.

They will stand you on a set of scales every week for your “weigh in” and tell you how happy you are allowed to be or how guilty you should feel.

You’ll probably be starving, low on energy and strength but in no time you will weigh less.

Your metabolism will also be so screwed up that you’ll spend the rest of your life going back and forth to their meetings because you can’t figure out why you are eating next to nothing in the week but as soon as you have steak, chips, ice cream and a few glasses of wine at the weekend you’re a half a stone heavier by the following Thursday.

But if you want to lose the scales obsession and be leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier and happier click here to find out if we can help you.

We get our clients eat more and they drop 1-3 dress sizes in 12-weeks.

You could do the same.

Or if it’s just about what you weigh and the number on the scales just google to get your nearest slimming club.