How to NAIL the ‘last leg’

We’re coming into the final 4 weeks of the 12 week challenge….the ‘last leg’

So.. What should we do to make these last 4 weeks, the BEST 4 weeks???

Nutritionally – You shouldn’t be changing anything, you’ve all been making INCREDIBLE progress and we made tweaks during your check-ins.

But here’s how to keep a Rock Solid mindset through these four weeks and beyond

1. Write down three things that have changed since the start of this challenge

Before we go forwards, now’s a great time to have a quick look back to where you were 8 weeks ago, what’s changed for the better? We lost a tonne on our check-ins, but what habits have you improved? Are you more motivated right now? Nailing your training?

I know for a fact you’ve all made progress somewhere that you might not have been expecting. Take that as a big motivator for what you can continue to achieve.

2.Set an end date/end goal

Get that final results session booked in – Write it in your diary, make a note on your calendar, put a reminder on your phone.

Make that a really significant point in time to keep you focused. We all work so much better when we have a time frame to stick to. If I told you you had as long as you wanted to complete something, it’d never get done.

Here’s the link:

3. Plan a REWARD for yourself

When you finish a big project, you NEED to give yourself a massive High five!

This keeps you more focused on what’s ahead – If you know how much you’re going to enjoy the reward, it makes the small daily choices much easier.

Don’t just shrug off your achievements and try and move straight into the next thing, you’ll hit burnout and never really feel pumped about your next target, enjoy your victories!

We’re gonna be celebrating with you at the Christmas Ball, let’s ENJOY it! 🙂




Weight loss vs Fat loss

Weight loss vs Fat loss



When most people say ‘I would love to lose X amount of weight’ – What they really mean is ‘I would love to look a certain way’. or ‘I would love to get rid of X amount of fat from these areas’

If your first thought is ‘aren’t they the same thing’ – Not really

Your weight is the total effect that gravity has on ‘you’ That includes everything from your skin, organs, bones, muscle, fat, the 70% of you that is water and even a little bit of what you had for breakfast the day before.

This IS NOT the best tool to measure how much un-wanted fat you have.

Muscle doesn’t weigh ‘more’ than fat, but it is more dense which means it takes up less space.

Fat is the opposite so it takes up more space, which is usually the thing you want to change.



Here at BTF we know a few things really help you to burn body-fat quickly, more than anything else:

Getting stronger – if you have more muscle to feed, you will burn more energy each day and this will help to burn up body fat.

Getting fitter – If you’re able to push yourself further and further, again you’ll be able to burn more energy and keep burning bodyfat

Getting healthier – If you’re sleeping well and looking after yourself, you will be able to train harder, process food better and all round feel better!

In the process of doing these things, your body will synthesize new muscle, which is dense and has ‘weight’, but takes up little space and is very important for us to feel strong, fit and healthy and to look GOOD.


This is going to happen more so when you’re in the ‘intermediate’ phase of training – When you’ve already done a bit of training and made those first adaptions. After this point you may build muscle at the same level as you are burning bodyfat.



Let’s finish up with a real life example:

If you weigh 80kg and work out that you are 40% bodyfat – Then 6 weeks later you are 79kg…but work out that you are 35% bodyfat….

At the start, you had 32kg of fat mass (40% of 80kg) – and 6 weeks later you had 27.5kg of fat mass (35% of 79kg)  – So in 6 weeks you DIDN’T lose 1kg – you lost 4 1/2 KILOS of body fat!



All in all, you may lose weight on the scales, you may not, it can be a good tool to show progress but on it’s own it is NOT the best tool to measure body-changing progress. Use it along with the other measurements we’re taking and you will be able to much more accurately see how your body is changing 🙂



Taking great quality before and after photos

One of the BEST ways to track your progress is through ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo’s of your physical transformation. They can often be the most empowering, but that also comes with a bit of a daunting feeling too.

As much as you might hate the thought of taking these pictures, seeing the physical difference you can make will be more powerful than any number on a tape measure or scale! It may be uncomfortable to start with, but stepping out of your comfort zone is always needed for any body-changing journey, it may even help to push and motivate you even further!


So here is the ‘how to’ for taking the best quality pictures to start the 12 week Challenge, so you’ll be able to look back and see the changes you’re about to make 🙂


  1. Before anything else, make a note of your measurements, so that you will have all of the data together from the closest point


2. Then pick your spot – you want somewhere uncluttered with a clear background, in front of a door or blank wall, with plenty of light


3. For the photo’s; Chaps take off your shirt and wear shorts. ladies, wear a sports bra and shorts or a bikini.  You want to be able to see your waist, belly, thighs.


4. Take the photo so that it goes from head to toe. If you can get someone to take the photo for you that’s great, if not try and prop your phone/camera with a tripod or against something in the room, and set it to take the picture on a timer. If you really can’t get that to work, grab your photos in front of a mirror, and again make sure you can see all of the key areas you want to see change.


5. You want front view and side view shots. But the more the merrier when it comes to viewing your own progress later as you may never know where your results will come from, feel free to get creative!


I’m putting my own down here, my bit of accountability! (You’ve seen them now, I’ve gotta crush this 12 weeks the same as you guys!)



 In all of these, stand up straight, so that you will have the same posture with all photos. Keep your hands by your side so that they are in the middle of your thigh, you don’t want them blocking the outline of your hips and butt.


Put those photos into a folder on your computer or phone and make sure you mark the date, then you don’t need to worry about them again. 12 weeks is the perfect time frame to make some really noticeable changes, you may not notice the subtle changes each month, but looking back at the end will feel great!



There you have it, that’s the simplest way to get a great set of progress photos stress free. Trust me, you’ll be so pleased that you did when you’re able to look back and soak up your accomplishments!

Why you look ‘worse’ after a bad day!

Why you look ‘worse’ after a bad day!

As a coach, it’s really common to hear phrases like “I know my measurements haven’t changed, but I can tell that I’ve let myself go!”– Maybe something you’ve said yourself in the past? This can lead to a number of negative emotions, maybe even a binge that sends you back three spaces


This is frustrating, because in most cases – It just isn’t true! Even when your measurements are the same, I want to shed light on how easy it is to trick yourself into thinking something has changed for the worse, when in fact, nothing has changed at all. This should get you looking forwards rather than backwards


 Take a look at these two lines, which flat line is longer?

Surprise – They’re both the same!

But your brain is probably still telling you that it thinks the bottom line is longer, even though consciously you might know it’s a trick of the eye, even if you bust out the tape measure and could clearly see they are identical – You would still have that little voice saying “But the bottom one LOOKS bigger!”


There can be a million reasons why at a particular time, your brain is telling you that you ‘look bigger’. Your posture, lighting, clothes, time of day, stress levels can all turn the exact same reflection into something else – sometimes you really have to trust the measurements. If your measurements have changed for the worse, you should be able to track that back through nutrition and lifestyle to what went wrong and, importantly, make the right steps to change it.


But it’s so easy to get two pictures up side by side – In one you could look the best you’ve ever looked. And in the other you could look the complete opposite. And you can do this with pictures taken literally seconds apart.









Your posture (which often turns into a slouch on a ‘bad day’, without you realising it) can immediately give the illusion that you’ve suddenly gone back in progress 6 months.

The takeaway from this is don’t let one bad day kill your mojo, you can’t always trust your eyes. And to keep on pushing forwards! 🙂 If you trust the process and continue to put your all into it, making all the right changes for you, the long term results will happen, despite any ‘off days’ you have along the way.


With the 12 week challenge coming soon, next week will be about taking great “before and after” shots, so that you can give yourself the best view of your transformation, because you will all be making amazing progress, so we need to to show that off! 🙂


Strength and Honour!

Movement screen progress update

Movement screen progress update

In the journey to getting fitter, stronger healthier, and having more energy, improving your mobility is a big factor and something easily over-looked by most. It’s always been something we invest time into with our warm-ups and cool-downs, but recently we took it to the next level to get really focused on what you guys need.


We ran a movement screen to see where the majority of us have the most trouble moving, and set out to improve those with a new direct warm-up.


And we’re proud to say from the results we’ve seen, it’s been full of great results 🙂 We’ve got a selection to show you, and this was just from the people that gave their time to join us for the testing – We’ve been getting comments from people that couldn’t make it to the movement screen who have really felt the difference with various aches and niggles disappearing!


Here are just a few of the improvements:























Not only that, we’ve seen you more stable on your feet with improved balance and co-ordination, check out the video for that here:


 We’re really proud of everyone for having stuck at it – and we’re sure you’ll be noticing the difference day-to-day! And we’re going to continue with it, making a few tweaks as needed!

Strength and Honour!