Automatic Negative Thoughts Vs Capability Affirming Thoughts!

We’re BIG on mindset here at BTF. We know that mindset is the key that unlocks everything. Once you have your mindset in the right place, provided you have the support and knowledge to back it up, you will make progress faster than you’ve ever seen it before.

Today we’re talking about improving confidence. When confidence is lacking, we often limit ourselves from achieving something that we really want, because we simply don’t have the belief in ourselves that we can make it happen and the fear holds you back, consciously or sub-consciously.

ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts

When something goes wrong in your day, if you make a mistake, don’t do as well as you’d like during a session or with your nutrition, are your first thoughts to give yourself a hard time? This is where the term Automatic Negative Thoughts comes from, those first thoughts that come into your head during a stressful situation. This may sound like “I can’t get my nutrition right”, “Everyone else seems to do better than me”, “I’ll never be able to do XYZ”.

The question to ask is; Are these thoughts helping or hurting me from making positive decisions and changes? I can tell you that they definitely aren’t helping you!

 These are limiting beliefs that will do nothing except put a ceiling on what you feel you can achieve, BUT exactly as the name suggests – right now they’re automatic. You can’t control that initial thought going into your head, it will have been built in over many years of repetition.

What we can and need to do is CHALLENGE that thought, so that the ‘automatic’ part of your brain switches off, and the conscious side of your brain switches on. That’s where CATs come in…

Capability Affirming Thoughts

 These are the thoughts you use to combat negative thinking, encourage positivity and boost confidence.

The purpose of these if for you to challenge the idea that you came up with automatically, by searching for examples to prove it wrong. Belief is the key here, right now you may believe the things that your brain is coming up with automatically, you need to challenge them and invite yourself to believe something different!

You need to find examples of when you proved the previous thought wrong, and use that as ammo. Whatever you choose to focus on will grow, this is all about changing that focus.

You can be critical of yourself, as long as there is a positive outcome at the end of it. If you know you could have done better if you would have just done ‘XYZ’. Then the goal is not to give yourself a hard time about it, the goal is to try and make the first steps so that you can do better next time.

Draw yourself a Table and start filling in the column of ‘ANTs’ – The stuff that comes into your head on a regular basis, which do nothing to help you.

 NOW, you need to challenge these by writing down examples of when you’ve proven that to be wrong.

By writing these down you’ve prepared yourself with how you’re going to challenge these thoughts when they appear.

You can repeat this for any and all situations where you feel your negative thinking is affecting how well you do.

After this, it’s about repetition. Get into the habit of giving yourself these positive affirmations and over time they will become more and more engrained into your mindset. Giving you a confidence boost, helping you take on bigger and better challenges and having a great time doing it 🙂