Brand New Corrective and Dynamic Warm-Up

The results are in from our movement screens, thanks to everyone that took part and don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, we learnt enough from those screens to create an epic new warm up that will benefit EVERYONE.  From here on out, we’re going to use one warm up that covers all of the ‘problem areas’ that come from certain overuse habits of our bodies.

It should help our posture, help with aches and pains, and help you get the most out of each session!

So, here are the movements that we’ll be doing and a quick overview of how and why we’re doing them – so you’ll have the ‘heads up’ before jumping into them this week.

First up, we’ve got a T-Spine rollout with our foam rollers. This was probably the biggest problem area that we saw across the board. Your Thoracic Spine includes the 12 vertebrae of your upper back, they connect to each of your ribs. The top three exercises in the warm up are going to help free up this area.

We’ll roll over the upper back, with hands over chest, we don’t want to roll too low onto our lower back and you’ll literally feel this one free up your back!

Next, part of the reason for the poor mobility in the upper back is tight muscles in the upper chest and shoulders. So this time we’re again going to lay back onto the roller, then move our arms from a ‘W’ shape to a ‘Y’, keeping forearms level with the floor. This mobilises your shoulders and stretches at the same time.


The last stretch to help free up your upper back is a foam roll of your Lats, a muscle that can again get tight pulling your shoulders down. Roll from just below your arm, down to the back of your bottom ribs. This is a killer!

Core stability and balance is next. We want to increase your ability to control your bodies movements from your core, very tricky and always a great area to work on. Standing on one foot, holding a band in the same hand, you’ll reach down to touch your toes.

This isn’t meant to be done quickly, the slower and more controlled the better. It’ll increase how you switch on your core muscles, ankle stabilisers and overall balance and body awareness!

Another move to help build our mobility and balance/stability is an overhead squat, but for this one we’re going to use the TRX to force our hands to stay in the air. Tricky move and a burner for your shoulders, but you’ll become pros at this in no time and notice the improvements that it’ll make to your bodyweight and goblet squats!

Hamstring flexibility was pretty good all round, we’ve already put a tonne of work into them with our current warm ups, but we need to keep up that work so they stay that way. The band bumps the hamstring stretch up a notch by pulling your hips back as you lean in and stretch.

Your glutes are your biggest  and most powerful muscle group. But that means we need to keep it from getting tight and restricting the movement of our hips. We’ll also be trying to target your piriformis muscle, a small muscle that overlays the sciatic nerve running towards your lower body, keeping this muscle from getting tight or tonic will stop it from ‘pinching’ that nerve.

Continuing to help open your hips are foam rolls of your inner and outer thighs. These two can restrict your movement a lot and so rolling them out will help A LOT. Any squat based move you do after these will feel epic.

Word of warning: It hurts to roll these muscles out, but the more you do the better you’ll feel for it. Bonus Fact – rolling your muscles helps with circulation through that area, which helps with recovery and things like cellulite.


There you have it! Consider yourself clued up on our new warm-up!

We’re taking it to the next level with this warm up so we can get you all performing better on sessions, and when you perform better on sessions you’ll see the best fat-loss results 🙂

Hope this helped and we’ll see you on the turf to put it into action!