No, we don’t mean literally sprucing up your kitchen with a new lick of paint. We’re looking at the contents of your kitchen and whether it needs to change to help you on your path to amazing results!

Ever wonder why you can’t break out of some habits with your nutrition? Your kitchen could be one of the things holding you back, and making some of the changes outlined at the end of this questionnaire could MASSIVELY help you change your nutritional habits, without directly changing what you eat..

Your environment has a huge impact on your habits, if you’re in an environment that supports bad habits, you’re going to be fighting against the current when you want to change them. The more you can mould your environment to suit the goals you want to achieve, the easier it will be to change your habits for the better. This questionnaire (from the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Course) lets you know if your kitchen is in as good shape as you want to be! And more importantly will give you clues for what you can do to sharpen up your score.

Remember to be honest – this will let you know the areas for you to work on and doing so will massively help you with your nutrition goals!

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Questionnaire and answers courtesy of Precision Nutrition, {link to}

So.. How did you do? And more importantly, what are your next steps in order to keep yourself on track for achieving the results that you want?

32 to 63 Points
You’ve scored highly on the kitchen Makeover questionnaire. But this high score means you’re not doing so well in the kitchen department. In fact, if your kitchen stays in this condition you’ll have an incredibly hard time getting into good body composition, health and fitness. Since you’re in need of an extreme makeover – The kitchen Edition, here’s what to do:
Step 1. Go grab an extra large shopping bag
Step 2. Without thinking about it, open the bag and sweep every offensive food item from your fridge, freezer and cupboards right in. These include all items from question 4 and 5 above.
Step 3. Wave goodbye as you either send this food off on the back of a garbage truck or give it to a local food bank.
Step 4. Get to the shop immediately, and pick up the foods listed in questions 2 and 3 above.

0 to 31 points
Your kitchens not the worst, but could certainly use some improvement here and there. Take a look at the inventory above make sure you’ve got all the items listed in questions 1 through 3 and fewer of the items from questions 4 and 5. Begin shopping more frequently, eating fresher items and being more aware of the foods you’re eating. And you will then be equipped for success!

-31 to -1 points
Nice Job; you’re doing pretty well in the kitchen department. In fact, with a few minor tweaks, your kitchen would be 100% ready to get you the most incredible results. Revisit the questions and see what it would take for you to improve your score.

-32 to -63
Negative scores on the Kitchen overhaul questionnaire mean that you don’t need much of a makeover. And that’s great news! Congratulations on your kitchen set-up. With your kitchen full of these good foods and the right appliances, you’ll be the envy of your fitness- and nutrition-conscious friends.

There you have it, the comprehensive questionnaire to cover your Kitchen. We hope you’ve found this useful and we’ll see you again soon!