The Squat… the most effective exercise to build strong and toned legs, all while getting your heart rate pumping combining for great fat loss results! Whenever you see this move on session, the focus should be on trying to bump up the weight you use over time and to stay as consistent as possible with your form

The squat is one of those moves that will give you the BIGGEST benefit for fat burning and strengthening! 🙂

Here’s three quick fire tips that we don’t always get the chance to bring up on sessions, but will really help you perfect them. Whether you struggle when doing squats or just want to get better with them, here’s 3 quick fire tips to think about next time you squat.

1. Bracing your core

Your core should feel just as tight during a squat as it does when we do a plank, if not tighter.

Building a strong core is the first step to building a strong EVERYTHING, if you can focus on keeping your core tight every move will seem easier to manage and you’ll feel a tonne stronger.

At the top of the squat, take a deep breath in and lock it into your belly, a good cue is to imagine someone’s about to hit you in the belly (scary but it works!) This locks your upper body in and makes sure your legs do all of the work, not your back. As you stand up, you can push that breath out and repeat.

2. Build up your mobility

The most common thing that holds people back in a squat is the ability to get into the right position, it’s actually pretty awkward to line your body up and go ‘Arse to Grass’.

So this tip is to be patient and not to get frustrated if you can’t do a ‘perfect’ squat, build up your mobility over time and it will become easier and easier to do. If you want to work on this while you’re NOT at a session, the three common areas that get too tight for a squat are your ankles, hamstrings and hips. So our challenge to you is to stretch these areas out. If you can give these a stretch every other day or so, you’ll notice a huge improvement in no time at all.

3. Squeeze your BUTT!

Your Glutes play a huge role in helping you drive your knees out while you squat, and they’re possibly also one of the muscles we want to improve the most, so this tip is a win-win!

If you notice that your knees drop together when you squat, maybe resulting in some knee pain after squatting, this tip is for you too, it’ll stop that in no time.

When you next work on squats, as you push from the bottom, think about ‘screwing your feet into the floor’ using your glute muscles, then as you come up, keep your glutes tight all the way through to the top. Once you’ve stood up, you should feel your hips locked in place if those butt muscles are still tight and working hard.

The only warning I need to give with this one, they may end up preeetttyy sore after your next session!

Easy as that! Practice these three techniques on your next session and you’ll be squatting like a pro in no time! You’ll get a tonne more out of the exercise and really notice the improvements with more toned legs and a stronger core.